Welcome to Talking Parrots Island’s African grey parrots for sale Section. We are offering healthy, affectionate, playful and talkative African grey birds for sale. We take special care of the parrots. They all are hand raised and have a good ability to interact with human beings. In our aviary, we prioritise quality over quantity. Because of this, we breed only a small amount of parrots. We have more types of parrots. Among all birds our African grey parrots are exceptional for their talking ability.

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African greys are native to the dense forests of central Africa. This species of parrots is very popular for their exceptional speaking ability. Some researchers believe that they not only speak but also can understand the meaning of words. Their appearance is also mind blowing. They have a striking grey plumage and a vivid red tail. They show an eye-catching beauty.  African Grey Parrots are not only visually appealing but are also emotionally intelligent, capable of forming strong bonds with their owners. These birds are not very noisy. They create sounds but not in high volume. So, if you are in an apartment building, they will not be disturbing your neighbors.

About Our Available African Grey Parrots for Sale

At Talking Parrots Island, we pride ourselves on nurturing and offering the most intelligent and sociable birds. Each of our African Grey Parrots for sale are hand-reared with meticulous care. We ensure they are grown up healthy, happy, and ready to be a loving part of any family. If you are the person who is looking for a very playful African grey parrot for sale, our parrots will be your ideal companion. Also, our parrots make great companions with children. They must impress your kids with their charming personalities and vocal abilities.

Health Guarantee

We ensure the health and well-being of all our African grey birds for sale. These magnificent birds require special care and attention to thrive in captivity. We provide a health guarantee for all our African Grey Parrots for sale. So, you can rest assured that you are receiving a healthy and disease-free bird from us. We take the utmost care in selecting breeding pairs with no history of genetic disorders or illnesses. Moreover, we regularly monitor the health of our African grey birds for sale through check-ups with avian veterinarians.

Our African Grey Price

If you are interested in an African grey parrot for sale, you should have a clear understanding about the price. An African grey price can be $500-$4000. It depends on a parrot’s age and size. Our African grey price range is $500-$1250. We offer very fair prices.

African Grey Parrot Lifespan

African grey parrot lifespan can be up to 50-60 years if they live in the wild. By receiving proper care and nutrition, they can live 70-80 years. So, you understand owning an African grey means a long term commitment. Even they can outlive their owners.

Caring for African Greys

You should know the care needs when ready to buy African grey parrot. They need to provide a nurturing environment. Daily engagement through talking, playing, and learning new tricks is also essential. Their food should contain proper nutrition. You should give them high-quality pellets, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Cage size is another important factor. Keep the birds in a spacious cage. So, they can move properly and spread their wings. In want of enough space they can be moody. Sometimes, they should also be allowed to spend some time out of the cage to remove stress on the wings. Regular veterinary check-ups and maintaining a clean living environment will help keep them healthy and happy. So, before choosing an African grey parrot for sale, you should learn about their care needs.

Potty Training for African Greys

Potty training is important for African greys. When your parrot sits on your shoulder, you can experience unexpected potty on your body. Training will help your parrot develop good habits. First choose a bathroom area that can be a specific perch or tray. It should be easily accessible. As we have trained our parrots, our birds show pacing or make certain noises to go to the potty. When you notice these cues, gently place them in their designated bathroom area. Give them time to cope with the new bathroom area. When they successfully use their designated bathroom area, reward them with praise and treats. This will encourage them to continue using this spot for their bathroom needs.

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Scam Alert: Scammers can offer you for sale African grey at a very low price. Our price is very fair and none can provide less than these prices.

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