At Talking Parrots Island, we are offering a wide range of beautiful macaws for sale. Our available macaw parrots are Blue and Gold, Scarlet, Green Winged, Hahn’s, Harlequin, Military and Hyacinth Macaw for sale. All of our birds are waiting to go to their new owner’s home and impress the owners with their playfulness and colors.

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Macaw birds are beautiful creatures and very famous as pets due to their vibrant colors, sociability and intelligence. There are 17 different species of macaws. All the species have their own unique characteristics and color patterns. The breed of parrot has a strong beak that is able to crack open nuts and seeds. Also, they are bigger in size than other breeds of the parrot. That’s why they are also called Giants of the Parrot World. Naturally, the species can be found in Central and South America. Majority of species lives in the Amazon rain-forest. The bird’s special speaking ability is much clearer than other parrot species. They are also able to mimic sounds clearly.

About Our Available Macaws for Sale

We have some highly intelligent and various colors of macaws for sale. They are able to make great companions for anyone looking to bring a little bit of tropical beauty into their home. We have 7 types of macaws available. Hyacinth macaws are the largest of all species.

Our available macaws sizes in length:

  • Hyacinth macaws: approximately 2.5 feet
  • Blue and gold macaws: 60 cm
  • Scarlets: 70 cm
  • Green Winged: 1.5 feets
  • Hahn’s: 20 cm
  • Harlequins: 30 inches
  • Military: 60 cm in length

Our parrot’s most striking features are their vivid and vibrant feather colors. These macaws for sale are truly a sign of beauty. With their beautiful appearance, they also have a mind-blowing ability to mimic human words. Maximum of our macaws can speak common words like hi and hello as they are now in the early stage of life. If they get more training, they will be able to learn more worlds. The parrot’s speaking ability makes them not just beautiful pets, but entertaining ones as well.

Health Assurance of Our Macaws for Sale

At Talking Parrots Island, each macaw bird for sale is healthy, hand-raised and well-socialized. Our devoted care and meticulous attention ensure that our parrots possess a distinct uniqueness unparalleled by any other. We spend much time socializing and training our macaws from a young age. So, they can be a great family member of their owner’s family. Also, each baby macaw for sale is hand-raised since hatching. As a result, they are comfortable in human touch. We also involve them in a variety of enrichment activities as they can be mentally stimulated and happy. And regular avian vet-checkups are our commitment.

Macaw Parrot Price | Buy Macaw

A macaw parrot price depends on some factors like species and age. On average, a macaw bird for sale price can be $1000 to $5000 or more. Our macaw parrot price range is $400-$6500. Maximum are within $2000. The reason for the high price of the macaws is their long lifespan. The birds can live more than 60 years if they receive enough care and attention. Their rarity is another factor for their high price. Because of habitat destruction and illegal poaching, they are in threat. You can judge us with our vendors. Our macaw parrot price is much cheaper than others. So, buy macaw parrot from Talking Parrots Island and let’s make a longtime relationship.

Responsibility After Owning a Macaw

When you buy macaw parrot, it comes with commitment and responsibility. First of all, their care needs. Caring for a macaw bird means dedication, patience and their needs. These birds can be good physically and mentally where they can live comfortably. It is mandatory to provide them with a large and spacious cage. So, they can get enough space to play and move. Also, the cage should have a variety of toys to stimulate their intelligent minds. Proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet is another mandatory factor. Foods like pellets, fresh fruits, and vegetables will help them to ensure optimal health. Moreover, social interaction plays a vital role in these bird’s lives. loving interaction with human companions helps to foster a strong bond and prevent behavioral issues.

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With proper care and attention, you can have happy and healthy macaw companions for many years to come. So, do your research, make a budget and choose a healthy bird from us. Our team at Talking Parrots Island is always available to provide support and advice for all of your macaw's needs. Now, get ready to welcome a beautiful macaw into your life!